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Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guides
The number of people doing striper fishing in Lake Texoma is increasing on a day to day basis, thus resulting in its growth. Despite the high number of people practising striper fishing in Lake Texoma, I will be honest and say that the whole fishing process is not a very easy task, especially to those who lack the right guides for the work. Here are the most important things that can help you easily catch stripers in Lake Texoma.
It is very crucial for every person intending to do striper fishing in Lake Texoma or any other lake around the globe to ensure that he or she has the right equipment in place as this promotes an easy and fast fishing process. One of the most essential striper fishing equipment used in Lake Texoma is a fish finder which is suitable for helping the fishermen pursue big striped bass. A fish-finder is at times complex to the users, hence the need to first go through the owner’s manual before using it. The other reason why fish-finders are very good equipment for striper fishing in Lake Texoma is that they help the fishermen also know the exact depths that are held by the stripers in the lake. It is important to also make sure that you use live bait like herring, mackerel, eels, squids, bloodworms and others to help you easily and quickly catch striped bass. There are so many bait sellers, hence the need to ensure that you choose a reputable local bait shop that is also familiar with the lake. It is important to also have a good rod and reel in place to help you easily catch a striper in Lake Texoma or any other water body you are fishing.
Striped bass has unique behaviour patterns which are mainly determined by the water temperature conditions, hence the need for every person intending to do striper fishing to first look for the optimal fishing conditions. It is when there are strong tides or breezes that the water movement stirs up sediments very quickly, thus increasing the urge of the striped bass to feed more, hence the need for every person to do fishing in such times. The other best time to catch striped bass is at dawn and dusk. Using live eels is a very good decision when fishing for striped bass in deep water like Lake Texoma as you will also get an opportunity to catch the biggest striper. When fishing live eels, ensure that you avoid using heavy rods. It is also important to know the right ways of hooking the eels. The wrong level of the baits makes the striper fishing hard, hence the need to keep yours at the right level to help you easily catch striped bass.

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