The Brooklyn Botantic Garden Florilegium Society


Established in 2000, the Florilegium was conceived to document the Garden's living collections in the 250,000-specimen herbarium. The Society has also exhibited as a group in Munich and London,


Please click on the artists' names for short biographical sketches and contact information and to view works created for the Florilegium.

Francesca Anderson, Mary C. Bauschelt, Chiara Becchi, Leslie Berge, Diane Bouchier, Wendy Brockman, Harriet Carotenuto, John Cody, Christina Davis, Monika E. de Vries Gohlke, Nan Dedrick, Kevin Duggan, Jean Emmons, Margaret Farr, Susan T. Fisher, Marilyn A. Garber, Carol E. Hamilton, Gertrude Hamilton, Paul Harwood, Wendy Hollender, Gina Ingoglia, Robin A. Jess, Martha G. Kemp, Patricia Kernan, Judith Kunhardt, Libby Kyer, Dianne McElwain, Kathie K. Miranda, Angela Mirro, Carol Ann Morley, Adele Rossetti Morosini, Dr. Peter K. Nelson, Kate Nessler, Derek Norman, George Olson, Rose Pellicano, Kelly Leahy Radding, Dick Rauh, Eleanor I. Rohrbaugh, Mary Ryniec, Manabu Saito, Constance Sayas, Alice Tangerini, Jessica Tcherepnine, Virginia A. Tuttle, Catherine Watters, Carol Woodin, Eleanor Wunderlich.

How to participate and contact

For more information about the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Florilegium Society or for permission to reproduce material, email Patricia Jonas. All Florilegium images are © Brooklyn Botanic Garden.