Eden Project Florilegium

In 2000 before The Eden Project opened its doors to the public Mally Francis FCPGFS. FEPFS approached the Eden Project Director, Tim Smit, about setting up a Florilegium Society.  As a Member of the Chelsea Physic Garden Florilegium Society, Mally was excited about the prospect of accessing plants not normally seen in Britain. She also saw the society as a great opportunity for Botanical Artists in the South West tip of the country.
Mally ran a few introductory courses on Botanical Painting for Friends of the Eden Project.  Almost immediately a group was formed of people keen to learn more and develop their skills. They became the first members of the Society.
In 2001 a Constitution was drawn up and the inaugural meeting was held. At around that time Sue Minter joined The Eden Project, which was very fortunate as she had been involved as curator setting up the Chelsea Physic Garden Society.
Main Aims
1. To study and record the plants of the Eden Project with botanical illustration to create an enduring archive for the Project.
2.  These illustrations will form an invaluable record to be used in any way that the Trustees think fit and access to them will be given as required for further botanical and horticultural study.
3.  Each Member must be prepared to offer at least ONE painting/illustration per annum for selection by the Eden Project for their collection.
4.  If accepted by the Eden Trust or their successors in title, the Member will grant a non-exclusive licence to use the artwork in perpetuity without charge.
5.  Reproduction rights are granted to the Eden Trust only and may not be assigned, nor may any work be loaned or transferred to third parties save for the purpose of the reproduction rights of the Eden Trust.
6.  To use the traditional methods of observing and recording plants (in watercolour, pen & ink and/or pencil) not only for their flowers but also for their leaves, roots, bulbs, perfections and imperfections.  Botanical illustration is the tried and tested means of recording the structure of plants and "explaining" variations within the same species which cannot be so effectively recorded by photographic means.

Committee and Selection Panel

The President is Jenny Brasier, and Vice President Sue Minter.
The Committee is formed by Members of the Society.


The panel consists of Jenny Braiser, Sarah Gould and Dr Alastair Griffiths (Botanist)
Membership and Selection


The EPFS has a two tier Membership.  Painting Members and Associate Members.
To become a Painting Member, an artist has to present five pieces of work to the selection panel. If the panel considers the work is of a sufficiently high standard, the Member is invited to paint one painting a year for the Eden Project.
The annual appraisal day is held in January and Members' paintings have to be passed by the selection panel before being accepted into the archives.  Each accepted painting has to be accompanied by a Herbarium Specimen.
4-6 meetings are held a year, and past speakers have included Rosemary Wise (Oxford), Gren Lucas (Linnean Society), Serena Marner (Oxford Herbarium), Dr Andrew Brown, Martin Allen, Colin Swinton, Jenny Brasier, Sarah Gould, Christina Hart Davies, Gillian Barlow, Tim Walker (Oxford), Anne Marie Evans. EPFS looks forward to welcoming Helen Allen and Valerie Oxley next year.
EPFS organises Botany Field Trips and makes regular visits to see work in Botanical Gardens’ archives. Past excursions include: Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Oxford Herbarium Natural History Museum, Chelsea Physic Garden, National Museum of Wales and Royal Botanical Gardens of Edinburgh.
EPFS is delighted to be affiliated to the Chelsea Physic Garden Florilegium Society and to the Sheffield Florilegium Society.

To participate please contact

Members are, in the main from Cornwall, and the majority attend Mally Francis' painting classes at Heligan.

EPFS is delighted to welcome new members. If you are interested in becoming a member, please read the information about membership above and contact Mally Francis on the the details below.

Mally Francis (Chairman)

E-mail : thewagonhouse@mac.com

Tel: 01726 844505