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Signs You Need to Replace the Battery of Your iPhone

The high costs and demand for Apple products is attributed to the fact they are the best IT products in the world today. You can replace the LCD display screen assemblies, camera parts, charge ports of various colors, SIM card reader parts and trays of various colors, loudspeaker replacements, ear speaker units, tempered glass screen protectors, battery, display and other adhesives of the iPhone because there are spare parts on the market. Do not throw away your iPhone if it begins to malfunction without knowing the underlying issue because iPhone repair experts can solve some problems. How to tell that your iPhone needs a battery replacement.

You have to take your time to inspect a used iPhone before buying it because some people recklessly handle their devices only to dispose them off at a meager price. Find out the battery life from the past owner because if it has a terrible battery life history, you have no option but to buy another battery for it. The battery’s capacity to hold power depreciates with the duration it has been in use because it is a consumable. If the battery capacity has been utilized maximumly it will not be able to maintain energy for more than two hours.

You need a new battery for the device if it only functions when the charger is plugged in. Try booting the device up with another charger that has worked other iPhones because your charger may be the problem but after replacing the charger but the iPhone does not boot up when you connect it to source of power, the battery is faulty. Do not open the casing of the iPhone to check inside if you are not a professional.

When the device gets hotter than average, there is heat being produced by the battery as it charges. Do not console yourself with an excuse that it was under direct sun rays for long because an iPhone does not get hot under the sun. An iPhone has a lithium-ion battery which internalizes instead of releasing heat to protect its interior parts from damage by excess heat. Find out its rate of consuming power by outing the iPhone on a standby mode. The standby time should go for about ten minutes and the usage time should not increase for more than two minutes.

If the iPhone is too slow to do anything, the battery may be faulty. Your device’s screen may get into a standby mode for a few minutes or hours which is infuriating, especially if you were in the midst texting, browsing or doing any other thing on the iPhone. There are many different reasons why the iPhone has decreased its performance such as a virus attack, therefore, take it to the expert for more check-up.

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